Karma is a B****

Fig 1. Cleveland fans were not happy with Lebron James' departure to Miami to say the least, from "Lebron James" (Cleveland: Associated Press, 2010)

January 12, 2011

This gloating tweet came from the self-proclaimed King, Lebron James, during a game in which his former team, the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers, eventually lost by an embarrassing 55 points. “Crazy. Karma is a b****. Gets you every time. It’s not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”

Ironically enough, in his very next game, the “bitch” karma came back to haunt Lebron James as he hurt his ankle in the process of his Miami Heat’s 13 consecutive road victories streak being snapped by the lowly LA Clippers.

Foxsports.com featured writer Jason Whitlock tweeted after the game “Heat lose. LeBron hurts ankle. Karma is a bitch. God watches everything.”

This is Lebron James confirming to us once again that he just doesn’t get it.

Overnight, Lebron went from being one of the most beloved sports icons to arguably the most hated following his ill conceived national television event announcing his decision to withdraw his talents from his home town Cleveland and take them to his party town Miami.  Since that excruciating, self-glorifying evening, the ever arrogant James has not backtracked on anything and has apologized for nothing.

His true personality has crawled out of its shell over the last 6 months and it is nasty. His constant acts of selfishness have left the public with no other choice than to hate the man. Seriously, have you seen his most recent Nike commercial?

Lebron James claims that he is embracing the new villain role that he has taken on and came out the other day saying that “I’ve kind of accepted this kind of villain role that everyone has placed on me. I’m okay with it.”

Sorry, Lebron, but I’m not buying it.

I cannot believe that a man who has thrived off of the love and praise that has been heaped upon him since middle school can in such a short time can resign himself to, much less embrace, the villain’s role. Seriously take a look at his most recent Nike commercial?

Lebron’s actions throughout this entire ordeal have shown his still child-like immaturity. His mean-spirited karma tweet shows us that the anger and hate that his former Cleveland worshipers feel toward him, sadly, is fully reciprocated.

The fans that at one time bowed down to their King have lost all respect for him but he doesn’t seem to understand why. He speaks of karma yet continues to act disrespectfully. He yearns for love, but instead of letting people into his complicated world, he puts up the Lebron Wall.

Lebron James is trying to prove not only to Cleveland, but to the rest of the basketball world, that the decision that cost him his exalted reputation was the right one.  The sycophants that surround him will not tell the emperor that he has no clothes, so Lebron has no reason to think he was wrong.  He will continue to play game of tall men in short pants in the hope that in time the decision that he refuses to regret will lead him to the top of the NBA mountain, winning back his lost love and status, which he so dearly needs.


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